Magnificent Glymur Waterfall Hike, 4K video

Glymur waterfall hike is a great experience. Glymur Waterfall, in the river Botnsá, is the second-highest waterfall in Iceland, around 198 m high.

The waterfall is located in Botnsdalur Valley at the rear end of the Hvalfjörður in the Western Region.

You can hike along marked trails of the Glymur area up to the viewpoints Steðjasnös and Hellupallur.

From these viewpoints, watching the 198 m high Glymur waterfall tumble into the canyon GlymsgljĂşfur is beautiful.

If you want a better view of the canyon and the upper part of Glymur, you can continue walking up along the canyon.

Wading the rocky and cold river about 300 m above the waterfall is possible. For that purpose, bringing along shoes to wade in is good.

The trail to the Glymur waterfall can be dangerous as there are crumbling rocks in many places. Hikers travel at their own risk!

Good hiking boots are highly recommended!

Gps location, parking place: 64°23’06.7″N 21°17’37.5″W.

Driving from Reykjavik takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. (70 km).

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