Rauðhólar Pseudo-craters Reykjavik, 4K video

Rauðhólar (Red Mounds), Pseudo-craters near Reykjavik

Rauðhólar Pseudo-Craters Reykjavik (The Red Mounds) are around 5,000 years old. They formed when glowing hot lava flows entered and covered a small lake, which, in turn, created the pseudo-craters.

The pseudo-craters get their beautiful reddish colors due to iron oxidations. They are gorgeous in the sun, making the vibrant red colors very vivid.

Horseback Riding Tours are popular at this location, and the volcanic landscape is an ideal spot for this type of outdoor sport.

The Rauðhólar Pseudo-craters are protected as part of Reykjavík’s nature reserve of Heiðmörk.

Driving from Reykjavik city center takes approximately 15 minutes. (14 km).
The video above was shot with the Dji Mavic Air 2.

Rauðhólar Pseudo-craters Reykjavik
Rauðhólar (Red Mounds), Pseudo-craters near Reykjavik

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